may be For Sale

Basically, it's like this...

I personally own this domain. For many years, ending about ten years ago, I used it for a small business providing on-site computer repairs, networking, data recovery, consulting, and other myriad technology services in the New York City Metropolitan Area.

About ten years ago, the old lady and I broke up; and I was eager to hurry up and move before she changed her mind. So I sold my accounts to someone else for a ridiculously low price and moved to the boonies. I was sick of the city anyway and wanted a fresh start.

At this point, the main reason why I still own the domain is because I use it for one email address that frankly, I don't really need anymore. The other reason is because it's a reminder of a relatively happy time in my past during which I ran a small, but successful business in a very competitive market. I guess I have a sentimental side.

That being said, I also like money; and if someone were willing to pay me enough of it, I could be persuaded to part with this domain. I'm thinking at least four digits before the decimal point.

If you're interested, please drop me an email to my first name at this domain. Thanks.